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There are a lot of things to make it viral and the one on top of the list is to make articles that are interesting. It is hard to understand what Harrer and his pals came up with and the only thing we can conclude is that it is a stroke of genius. They could have joined a science fair and there is no doubt they would win hands down. Let us hope they would stay friends forever because they could easily stab each other in the back just for the mofos deal money. We have seen that situation transpire countless times and that is a shame because money is just an object and it would be shameful to end your friendship over that. It is the same thing that makes the world go round though so you can’t really blame anybody who would steal just for it.


They paved the way for an infrared detection technology that is unlike anything we have ever seen before. It is probably something a lot of people already thought of but were unable to make because of time constraints. It is a good thing Harrer and company were finally able to do it and they also thanked everyone for lending support to them in their ground breaking accomplishment. They are now deemed as one of the most popular scientists on their country and it won’t be long before they reach fame.